Trusted Advisors

Our Trusted Advisor network has grown from the success of McGregor Boyall Associates. With its strong focus on the technology and financial services sectors, McGregor Boyall has worked for over thirty years with outstanding individuals who have satisfied the business needs of its extensive client-base. Whether it’s in tech, change, talent, risk, governance, finance, marketing or digital, McGregor Boyall’s talent reach has responded.

But a long track-record of success does not mean that McGregor Boyall or Dukebridge Partners’ Trusted Advisors are anchored in the past. They know that responses to acute transformation imperatives demand solutions that spring from the concept and practice of agility. They are hyperaware of the need for speed. But they recognise that agility should not be confused with mindless hyperactivity.

Dukebridge Partners and Associate Partners have the experience to recognise that transformation, no matter how acute its urgency, will only succeed if firmly founded on impartial analysis and advice whose robustness has been hardened by experience.

Reflecting this, our Partners and Associate Partners are independent. They are not beholden to any set of strategies, methodologies or solutions they are obliged promote and follow. Their role is to listen, assess and only then recommend and prioritise. Simply, they are solution-, methodology and vendor-neutral. But once again, healthy agnosticism should not be taken for ignorance or indecision. Our Partners engagements are designed to be short and impactful, helping organisations make decisions – not avoid doing so. From high-level review (of business area, function or even failing programme), they share a commitment to facilitating change and shaping actions that enhance tangible ROI, with specific focus on core domains detailed below.

Digital & Data Transformation Strategy

  • Executive TOM transformation design & blueprint
  • Define and set governance structure for large scale digital transformation
  • Agile and DevOps adoption strategy and implementation
  • Defining data strategy & classifications
  • AI and machine learning strategy

Risk and Regulatory Compliance

  • Data privacy & GDPR
  • Cyber security strategy and TOM
  • Define and set governance structure for large scale digital transformation
  • Financial crime and AML digital, AI and machine learning strategy

Knowledge Transfer

  • Impacts of digital transformation on HR TOM
  • Talent acquisition strategy using AI and data analytics