Project Based Services

Few organisations remain unaware of the profound challenges that are sweeping across every sector. Familiar words – digital, transformation, disruption – invoke a new world which is alarmingly unfamiliar. But if organisations are, understandably, unclear about the contours of their future business landscape, they are painfully aware of a single word that is screaming at them about how they must approach it: agility. The word summons up an army of imperatives that are reaching all the way to the Boardroom: speed, responsiveness, flexibility. And at Dukebridge Partners, we believe that no better word than agility describes our approach to helping organisations master their business futures:


We pride ourselves on being small and nimble, not big and slow. But small does not mean limited or constricted. Our market coverage – founded on McGregor Boyall’s deep and wide network of sector and functional experts – allows us to reach and bring together specialists to form high-impact teams at unrivalled speed. And we believe that rapid response is a critical component of project agility.


Subtlety and appropriateness of response are further functions of size. We are not a multi-siloed organisation whose only shared feature is a methodology or business model that it we are obliged to market, sell and implement. We listen without pre-conception because we recognise that this is surest way to satisfy clients today and to re-satisfy them in the future.


Rigidity kills agility. Just as the challenges facing organisations are accelerating and diversifying in unpredictable ways, so must the solutions required to meet them. A Dukebridge Partners’ project team is both easily configurable and rapidly scalable, capable of delivering a tailored solution to challenges, both expected and unexpected.

Price Value

True agility also offers true value. In our view, this extends to cost. At Dukebridge Partners, our goal is to ensure that projects offer real and conspicuous value for money. A Dukebridge Partners team is by definition lean and not fat, configurable and not rigid. In themselves, these qualities bear down automatically on cost. However, we also extend this adaptability to our cost/pricing models which range from time/materials through to milestone/output.

Our Core Practices


  • Data analytics & Data Science
  • Software Development
  • Testing and QA
  • Digital Services
  • Information / Cybersecurity

Change & Transformation

  • TOM design and implementation
  • System implementations and change
  • Regulatory Change
  • Digital transformation
  • Organisational / HR change

Regulation, Risk and Compliance

  • Financial crime & fraud
  • AML / KYC remediation
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Risk analytics
  • Regulatory reporting

Value Adds

Status Reporting

  • RAG status
  • MI reports
  • Milestone / deliverables tracking (as per SoW)
  • Financial reporting
  • Risk & issue management

Priority access to Industry expert partners

Our network of independent trusted advisors is drawn from McGregor Boyall’s long history of engagement in the technology and financial services sectors. Deploying their high-level experience, they share a commitment to facilitating change and shaping actions that enhance tangible ROI.

Knowledge Transfer

Detailed handover of change to the client’s permanent staff to leave the business in a better shape. Can be managed by Dukebridge Partners as a separate workstream.

End of Project Report

Post-engagement recommendation report including:

  • Key lessons learned (KLL)
  • Suggested improvements for future project delivery
  • Synopsis of success / failure of project elements